Easyphyll explains how he got the name

There’s this kid who’s making big moves in the game now,his stage name is Eazyphyll.He’s been working a lot and his name is growing rapidly since he was featured on the hit song “Dzia Vhuya” by Munymax.

He should’ve worked with “The king of venrap” Mizophyll. He started asking for a feature from Mizo since 2018 if I’m not mistaken but the King always told him that they’ll work when the time is right.When the hit song dropped,artists like Ramzeey,Prifix and Fizzy Welcomed the boy and wished him luck in his journey but the King himself didn’t even utter a word to compliment the boy…

I personally think Eazy won’t be on Mizo’s good books since their names are similar and the boy’s name is also growing.Eazyphyll was once interviewed on Vhembe FM and By SABC Livhu,on both interviews he was asked why he choose the name Eazyphyll and his response was “I grew up listening to Venrap and believing that Mizo was/is the king of Venrap so I dreamt of one day being like him. People think I wanna compete with him but the truth is I just look up to him,in other words he inspires me”.What do y’all think has to happen?? Does the boy have to change his name since it’s similar to Mizophyll’s??