A fire Monday with CJay The Don

Another great episode of Venrap Late Night Show, there is nothing that could have started this week off on a high note than the show of shows, the one and only Venrap Late Night Show with your host ZeroWafala and his co-host Tian (Heila Authi Ya Tshilamba).

On this episode we had Cjay The Don, Mr. Holly Hustle himself here to share what has been happening in his life of music and everything else surrounding The Don.

lets dive right into it….

We have seen The Don’s from his days with Toofab Music from beginning to end and never really understood what really happened between the label and Cjay but today The Don decided to shed some light on the matter and here is what he had to say

“Firstly I would like to clarify this, I did not join Toofab I was part of the team that created Toofab, when I met up with the guys I already had my own crew which also had DivaT and part of the discussion that I had with Fizzy was that when we join forces I will bring my own team as well which was not an issue.

when it came to my departure from the label please understand this, I had and still have no beef with any of the artists at Toofab, I only had issues with the management (Cigga) because of monetary issues.

There was a project that we worked on which was very big and was also profitable for the team, seeing that I saw the importance of this project, I took leave from my then employment and also made sure the manager could use my car so that this project can be a success. The project was indeed a success as we hosted one of the biggest shows in Pretoria and of course we also had help from fellow artists (Mizo Phyll and Killer Gee).

So here is where the problem started, I thought that since we have just pulled off a successful show and obviously we made money, as part of the team I was going to get something for my efforts and to also show my partner at home that I am not just on these streets for nothing, but the manager said….

We made money and some of it the owner of the place vowed to send it to us next so the money I have I want to pay all the artists that came to help us (Toofab excluded)  and I was the first artist to tell him that you are like our father bro, how can you let your children go hungry while you feed the neighbors?

The only mistake I made was leaving Toofab without really letting the guys know the real reason I left. we are cool still and we still work together so there is no bad blood.”

After he left Toofab he did a short stint with Floydbest under his label Holly Hustle and again this also did not work out so we went in and asked what happened and this is what The Don had to say:

“Floyd and I were always like brothers, our energies matched from the get go and we worked so well together. Fast forward I recruited Floyd to Toofab when FWO went their separate ways, right after me leaving Toofab he also followed me and we pushed together and if you guys remember I was the first Venda Rapper to be on Channel O with my music video for Bona.

Well just like any other relationship, he came to my place and the day he left was also the same day he decided to ghost me, I tried to call him but nothing worked. a year later he calls and he acts like nothing happened and I was shocked because I thought the first thing he would be telling me is what happened but he never did.

Cjay has now found a new family (MacFam) and they are busy working on projects with both Fifi Cooper and Kwesta, they are so focused on reaching an all time high at the moment and The Don spilled a bit of the beans on this. To see what he had to say about the new moves Macfam is on and all the juicy details about the videos Macfam has done please watch the video below.