I used Cooolfelo’s name as my cover – I fell for the temptation of money

It was last year February I created the “CoolFelo” account but not to do scams and rob people airtime’s. I created that account to have the access to popular artist in venda. What made me turn that account is when another artist texted “vha Felo khotoda uxuma navho ndofara R100″. I was confused and didn’t know what to do or say I said” when do you want to work with me? He said am not in venda I can send money “Shoprite”. And a few days passed the artist did what promised. Then I went to shoprite and I got the money…. That’s where this idea of scams is from, I started approaching now others knew that this is a fake account.I robbed Colberry R20 airtime,Love king R30 and also managed to get over 5 projects from (Emblo Snr, Kash flow, facebreezy, mcswagga, batondy).

I didn’t work any of those projects “I don’t do venrap” .it was contiguous that “Ronewa Tshivhase” wanted to send the money and he did send. I sent Adroitbeatz a screenshoot and Adroitbeatz told me it already reflected on he’s phone.
Then I took more than 3 weeks without getting my session done. Because I had no money to go there, but MRracha wanted to work with “coolfelo” but he was doing empty promises. It was month end “Racha “sent R200”. that’s where I went to Adroitbeatz place and we worked. For the second time it was my money that I’ve been saving we worked but I couldn’t get the song because” Adroitbeatz “told me he don’t charge for collabos but he charged so I told him I’ll send.

In November or December I approached” Mr Nema huma” and he didn’t waste no time he sent R300 over the standard bank voucher. I started asking more now but he didn’t offered he said “that was he’s last money for beers” I didn’t command. I limited doing scams in January and go for the airtime’s. In april month end I started asking because I wanted to have studio sessions but this time they wanted to confirm if that’s the real “CoolFelo” that’s where I included he’s number but I was never winning.

They started doing watsapp and calls. that’s where I got caught in a few days.
@CoolFelo wa mrepa am sorry for doing this to you, you warned me many times but I didn’t go for that.Now I don’t know what to say to you or do. Just know am hurting my in the charts of scams like your name in mud now I feel free that people will know who is after this, Not you. Am sorry my king man.@Adroitb3atz it didn’t have to get in this way I almost ruined your business and your name.am sorry for that. I am asking to come in personal and appologise to you and LitGvng.

I really love music we could start over I learned from this. I will obviously understand if you banned me from working with you.
And I also want to apologize to you all I robbed airtime’s i am really sorry for this pathetic ideas.