Shots Fired at the Internet Gangster

Can you say fire in the streets!! A few hours after would released a Diss track aimed at Vicious Toofab and mentioning a few other Toofab artists, Vicious came in with a whole tank ready to bury Wukid, let me not waste anymore of your time and just dive in it..

Vicious starts off by telling us that he bated Wukid and just like any fish he fell for for the bate, “All of your music is like a mixtape and replying to your diss is me doing you a favor” says Vicious.

As he goes in he tells us about how Mizo Phyll is the reason we know Wukid and how ungrateful he was as he went on Facebook and started dissing Mizo Phyll with posts. “Mizo Phyll birthed your whole style”

It looks like calling each other women is also the norm, Vicious also used this chance to call Wukid a woman, saying that when i talk to you i am talking man to woman.

From Vicious’ perspective Wukid is a very humble guy but an internet gangster. “Sedzani uya semana una vhuhana Bay mama drama” which means that Wukid is all about the bickering like a baby mama

part of the hook says that Wukid’s music died and we will remember the deceased, a humble soul but an internet gangster.

Wukid vhomu tanganya na vhadzimu REST IN PEACE by Vicious Toofab