Challo B – On Venrap Late Night Show

Another beautiful weekend done and dusted and another blazing show we had for you.
We had Challo B in studio and he had a lot to say which includes his journey in music and his life in generals

Challo-B went in on how he started his music, the challenges he faced as well as the album he dropped.

Challo-B did not make it easy for us to get information out of him we eventually got some of the JUICE.

Q: You dissed Coolfelo with Prifix back then, why?

A: Well I was still a young man and a boy named Shintilizer started this so we responded.

Q: What happened with Shukho?

A: well he went on to talk about me online so I had to teach him a bit of a lesson.

Q: On the hook you have Meskay, Fizzy, Trustick, Cody K and Ramzeey, who would you go with?

A: Cody K, simply because when I listen to his music I hear something unique

he continued by saying, people like to comment on this page and some of them just comment with no reason or point at all so id like to say that those of you commenting we see you and some we personally know you so think twice.