Venrap Late Night Show Weekend Recap.

Another wonderful week gone followed by great content from VLNS which featured the like from Shukho and Zwonaka, we caught up with the two artists to understand who they are, what they are busy with and the latest on their music and hear is a brief summary of what they had to say:

Shukho (interviewed on the 8th of May 2020)
A lot of our viewers had question for Shukho and these were his responses:
Q. Where does the beef between you and Adolf come from or what started it?
A. I do not have beef with Adolf I just don’t like him, also when I look at Venrap as a whole he is one of the most impactful artists in the game so I feel like if I attack him I am attacking someone who will shake the game a bit.
Q. Why do you have beef with a lot of Western as well as no collaborations with them?
A. I am a very disrespectful individual musically as well as a real artist, I live and breathe music and I also live what I say, if I have beef with you its not just in the booth, its beef for real.
Q. There are rumours that says that your relationship with Rofhiwa Madbullet is not just a working relationship but one with sexual activities, how true is this?
A. Rofhiwa was just a good friend nothing much. (Do you guys believe this?
Q, Give us a list of five whack Venrappers.
A. 30 Mrepa, SK VillageBoss, Bomo, and Dovey, these artists need to put the mic down.

On the 10th of May we had Zwonaka live from Pretoria and this is what happened:

Q. Are you married to a person in Makonde village?
A. I know no one in in Makonde (including him)
Q. If Ramzeey was to come to proposing that you work on a projet together, would you consider it?
A. Yes I would as he is one of the best artists we have in the whole of Venda.