Wukid diss to Toofab

While we thought the streets were finally at peace Wukid decide to fire shots at Toofab Music’s artist Vicious and also made sure that he sprayed more shots at the rest of the stable.

To start things off he went at Vicious Toofab saying that your music gave me a headache when i tried to listen to it , and to make matters worse he then said your bars are weak compared to me which was aimed at the whole team.

He then decided to take aim at Fizzy saying that his whole music career is carried by Auto-tune, this line has been used by alot of artists to throw jabs at Fizzy and has gotten a bit tired. This line was made famous by DC Young Fly when he went for T-Pain on Wild ‘n Out. Lyric biting much?

He then went on to say that Vicious wears panties which was then metaphorically saying that he is a woman.

Fizzy has since said that “The English used was meaningless”

Is Toofab going to reply or MARUKHU A KHANANI??

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